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Tusker Mongolia Nomad Trek


15 Days

47 Years on Kilimanjaro

Trekking and riding with the Mongolian nomads is an adventure that will stir your soul. The landscape is wild and untamed and will challenge even the most seasoned hiker or rider. Altitudes fluctuate between 6,400 ft. and 10,500 ft. – not so high, but challenging nonetheless. You should be in great hiking or riding shape to tackle this exciting trek led by Eddie and his team of nomads. With his years of experience trekking through Mongolia's Altai Mountains, Eddie knows the terrain like the back of his hand and has forged close relationships with the warm-hearted nomads on this unparalleled and authentic journey.

Mongolia Trek What to Expect

Mongolia Nomad Trek Video Series. Part 2 of 3.  Narrated by National Geographic’s Will Lyman.


Tusker’s owners Eddie and Amy Frank have a deep love for Mongolia. They pioneered this incredible trekking experience together with the local nomads back in 2006. It all started when they learned about a total solar eclipse that was to occur in Mongolia in 2008.

Eddie and Amy had both dreamed of exploring Mongolia for years. In fact, Eddie’s family had a legend that talked about ancient Mongolian ancestry. So, in 2006 Amy and Eddie set out on an exploratory expedition to scout a route for the eclipse trip. Once there, they discovered an area so breath-taking, that they teamed up with a local guide and built what is now one of Tusker Trail’s most exciting treks.

Before you join up, you’re welcome to discuss your climb with your Mongolia guide EDDIE FRANK at our US Lake Tahoe office.  He’ll give you a guide’s perspective and professional advice that will prepare and excite you for your upcoming Mongolian journey.

Mongolia Guide Amy Frank
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